Slacker Slim Down 101

For any of you who know us, we tried this before, and succeeded on many levels using P90X. Yet again, we fail in the fitness department, as seen by our “before” pictures (I know, it’s pretty bad). We figured peer pressure and self humiliation worked before, so it should work again, right?  So began , The Slacker Slim Down 2: a challenge of fitness and will to complete P90X2.

Yes, we’re using P90X2 to get our asses BACK in shape. So, please don’t say “Bring it” or any other new common quotes from the DVDs, well unless you want to be strangled by one of our fitness bands. It’s not an easy regimen, but we hope it’ll take the brain work out of the workouts, since none of us has one anyway.

Again, this competition is about getting fit, using  smack talking and humiliation to inspire and motivate. If you’re unaware, Audience participation is DEFINITELY encouraged. So, please  leave comments of positive affirmation, ridicule and, of course,  humiliation. We all know it’ll take all three to get our shit in shape.

Thanks again and, we already know it, we’re retarded for even attempting this.

~  The Slackers


Be witty:

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