Day 30

OK… here it is folks.  30 days into the 90 day shit show.  We have made some progress!  I actually had to go buy smaller pants yesterday.  Win.   Anyway… take a gander… 60 days to go!

Vince – Before

Vince – Day 30

Nuber – Before

Nuber – Day 30

Brian – Before

Brian – Day 30

Krista – Before

Krista – Day 30


6 Responses to “Day 30”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I see no change!!!! New shirts better work or I quit!!!

  2. Krista Says:

    Change your Atkins diet (or whatever it is) to something else, like a low fat diet (little red meat and no cheese!, and less wine). haha. You can definitely see you’re building muscles but your body fat isn’t going down as much which has a lot to do with your diet. Change it!

    Vince says you’re “cultivating mass”…

  3. Jeff Says:

    the lighting is 100% better in the second set of shots

  4. Krista Says:

    That’s because I’m professional now and have a light modifier.

  5. Brian D. Says:

    Looks like I am going to have to bust out the real camera and do some fancy lighting shit next month. Looking good guys, keep up the hard work!

  6. graig Says:

    Nube…big diff in side profile

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