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Week 9 Updates

March 7, 2012

Still Lagging…


I never noticed: and other random thoughts

March 2, 2012

Most of the videos you can watch a little as you do them. Not with yoga. Today I got a call while doing the pretzel reach behind the back impossibility. As I hot pause I notice that the chick on the right is doing a modification, so I watch to see if it makes its any easier. Ahhh, nope. She manages to twist around then lifts her front foot off the ground. Simply amazing.

Why does Tony get so pissed when people say they are going to do 22 of something. Hate to tell you this Tony, 22 will always be Emmitt Smiths number, get over it.

Tried the alternate chest workout yesterday. Was pumped to see it was only 48 minutes….pure hell.

Whats the point of the surfer spin? Seriously, I see no benefit.

The 6 direction curls are murder.

lastly, I think the original workout might work better then this one. I am not seeing the results I did last time and I feel like I was just as dedicated to eating better. Who knows. Maybe its because I don’t know how to engage my core.


February 13, 2012

I hate the constant product pitching. I can care less that your signature is on something.

I am tired of the warm-up. Would be nice to have a little variation there. The atlas is lame.

Anyone else feel like a complete ass doing thre banana superman thing during the ripper?

That is all for today.

Time to get my pump on

February 3, 2012

We’ve been doing it wrong and i don’t know how we all missed it.

February 2, 2012

First, this arm shoulder shit sucks. 3 rounds of that shit. And fuck you 6 direction SOB. And who thought it was a great idea to do the ab ripper after this? I hate you sir! I am currently standing over my keyboard and letting my hands hang as the only means capable for me to type and this moment in time.

So, back to the reason we’ve all been doing this wrong. I studied the hell out of this today, and came to only one conclusion. My shirts have sleeves. WTF was i thinking?! All these peeps are ripped because they have no sleeves on their shirts. As soon as I can lift my arms again, I’m going through my shit shirt drawer and creating some proper workout attire. I’ll be giant in a week for sure. PS, Monica’s custom P90X2 shirt worked well for her.

Phase 2

January 18, 2012

I just made the mistake of looking at whats coming in the next phase. Terrifying. Don’t look ahead!!

Week 1 reflection and review

January 9, 2012

First lets discuss the diet. I’m doing this: . Its a meat and potatoes diet, minus the potatoes. Basically what I did last time to great affect, so why change it. I don’t count calories. I’m a grown man for christ sake. I eat when I’m hungry; eat until I’m full. Beer is out. I like vodka better, so its skinny bitches for the next few months. Find our old blog if you want to know what a skinny bitch is. FYI, we should have trade market that name, now you can buy pre-made drinks under the name.

The workout. I’ve come to a conclusion that is both great and scary at the same time. These workouts aren’t as hard as I was expecting. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not maxing out on anything, hell, I still have to pause occasionally. The main difference is I can get through them without stopping every 5 minutes for a near death experience. So what did I learn you ask? When we did the P90x in 2009, I must have been in the worst shape of my life. I can remember wanting to die, back tightening up, couldn’t move, and felt like puking 15 minutes. Scary to think I would let myself get that way.

Mixing in a ball, be it medicine or the stability ball, is bullshit. I can’t do a push up using a ball as support, not happening. Maybe in a few weeks.

Lunch break over. I’ll finish later today.