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Week 1 reflection and review

January 9, 2012

First lets discuss the diet. I’m doing this: . Its a meat and potatoes diet, minus the potatoes. Basically what I did last time to great affect, so why change it. I don’t count calories. I’m a grown man for christ sake. I eat when I’m hungry; eat until I’m full. Beer is out. I like vodka better, so its skinny bitches for the next few months. Find our old blog if you want to know what a skinny bitch is. FYI, we should have trade market that name, now you can buy pre-made drinks under the name.

The workout. I’ve come to a conclusion that is both great and scary at the same time. These workouts aren’t as hard as I was expecting. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not maxing out on anything, hell, I still have to pause occasionally. The main difference is I can get through them without stopping every 5 minutes for a near death experience. So what did I learn you ask? When we did the P90x in 2009, I must have been in the worst shape of my life. I can remember wanting to die, back tightening up, couldn’t move, and felt like puking 15 minutes. Scary to think I would let myself get that way.

Mixing in a ball, be it medicine or the stability ball, is bullshit. I can’t do a push up using a ball as support, not happening. Maybe in a few weeks.

Lunch break over. I’ll finish later today.


Day 4 – X2 Total Body

January 6, 2012

First off… really good all around work out.  And the Ab Ripper thing at the end didn’t seem to be nearly as painful as in the original.

I would like to comment on the asshole on the right who has shaved an “X” and a “2” on the sides of his head.  Who the fuck does this?  Do you think he was paid to do this, or was this simply an original act of douchebaggery?   It did provide some positive re-enforcement to my self esteem, though.  No matter how out of shape I am, I don’t have letters shaved into the side of my dome.

You sir, are an idiot.