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week 2 musings

January 18, 2012

So this shall be a list of things I learned this past week as well as likes hates and damn that was hard.

Don’t wear a t-shirt with a giant silk screened image on the front when doing yoga. Things sticks to your skin and you get an awesome rash. For that matter, don’t wear one that has one on the back either. Just sticks and is annoying as hell.

Doing all the jumping on the balls of your feet is 100% less painful on the knees. Perhaps that’s why Tony says to do it that way.

I hate all the fake high fives. Just do the shit and quit all the fake bs. I think the only person “genuine” in all of them is the woman that has the short blonde hair in plyocide.

Anything with sphinx in it is a bitch. Balancing your upper body on a giant ball is bullshit, but is has gotten easier. Burpe = fuck job.

In an effort to get more out of the workout, I’ve started wearing a thermal shirt. Didn’t feel like I’ve been getting enough of a burn, so that was my answer. I sweat more, so I guess it worked.

I actually enjoyed the yoga last week. I broke it into sections with short breaks, seems to make it more tolerable.

I have been pausing it more then I did for our original P90x challenge. I’ve been trying to push myself harder which seems to equal more time needed between certain sets / exercises. This might also be a result of pushing 4 decades.

I want bread, pizza, a carne asada burrito, a cookie, and a bowl of ice cream.

The copious amount of roughage I have eaten lately seems to make me fart a hell of a lot more then normal.