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Yep yep…

February 20, 2012

Small accomplishments and unassisted:

8 initial pull ups

6 levers

3 possible/impossibles (when they say to turn your wrists, do it!)

All my bests.



Ever notice…

January 24, 2012

…when Barbie is doing push-ups in the X2-core dvd? I must say, her little grunts and moans are quite distracting.

Additionally, playing two full games, without subbing out, then playing again Monday night, doesn’t make X2-core easy at all. Ugh.

I Officially…

January 13, 2012

…HATE Dreya. Goddamn dancer-aerialist-gumby-muscle woman makes everything look so easy and makes me feel like a dolt when she’s not even straining or even feigning doing any work. That’s all.


January 6, 2012


Not a bad little lunch for today. It’s some chicken thighs and a salad. Surprisingly enough, salsa makes a half-decent salad dressing.

Think I am going to try for the “Primal” diet, which is pretty much what Jeff is going to do, though it’s much more awesome to say. I am still going to try and keep my calorie intake below 2400/day.

Anyone have some recipe suggestions?

X2 Core – First Go

January 5, 2012

So,  X2 Core isn’t SO bad. I mean it’s tough and all, but not impossible. I like all the stability movements to work the core, using the exercise ball and medicine ball. It’s all tough stuff, and most of it I used to do when I had a trainer to help me get over a knee injury, did mostly leg and core work.

I had a tough time doing the Dreya rolling things with the medicine ball. I couldn’t get out-of-the-way of my gut to try to roll forward from my back to a standing position. The other exercise that sucked were these half angel things. Ugh. Struggled.

There were a few exercises I struggled with but it feels damn great after. Bring it?