I never noticed: and other random thoughts


Most of the videos you can watch a little as you do them. Not with yoga. Today I got a call while doing the pretzel reach behind the back impossibility. As I hot pause I notice that the chick on the right is doing a modification, so I watch to see if it makes its any easier. Ahhh, nope. She manages to twist around then lifts her front foot off the ground. Simply amazing.

Why does Tony get so pissed when people say they are going to do 22 of something. Hate to tell you this Tony, 22 will always be Emmitt Smiths number, get over it.

Tried the alternate chest workout yesterday. Was pumped to see it was only 48 minutes….pure hell.

Whats the point of the surfer spin? Seriously, I see no benefit.

The 6 direction curls are murder.

lastly, I think the original workout might work better then this one. I am not seeing the results I did last time and I feel like I was just as dedicated to eating better. Who knows. Maybe its because I don’t know how to engage my core.


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