Chest + Back + Balance = Horrible


Pull ups, push ups, pull ups, push ups, pull ups, push ups.  FUCK.

Also… Tony is definitely banging that Kelly chick.


4 Responses to “Chest + Back + Balance = Horrible”

  1. Brian D. Says:

    God… damn…. it… just when I was feeling good about everything, this workout comes along. I truly suck at pullups. I don’t understand how they do 20 reps EACH set. F-that.

  2. Brian D. Says:

    P.S. Anyone hear the comment about the guy leaving his DNA sample on the floor. Talk about inappropriate haha

  3. Krista Says:

    Yeah this workout was really hard and I could barely do a pull up towards the end. It felt like a good workout though. I have no idea how they balance on four med balls.

  4. Jeff Says:

    Someone has to bang her. Pretty sure I saw him take a peek at her crotch a couple times. My arms lats are sore, but I like this some much better then the p90x.

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