Week 1 reflection and review


First lets discuss the diet. I’m doing this: http://www.ketogenic-diet-resource.com/ . Its a meat and potatoes diet, minus the potatoes. Basically what I did last time to great affect, so why change it. I don’t count calories. I’m a grown man for christ sake. I eat when I’m hungry; eat until I’m full. Beer is out. I like vodka better, so its skinny bitches for the next few months. Find our old blog if you want to know what a skinny bitch is. FYI, we should have trade market that name, now you can buy pre-made drinks under the name.

The workout. I’ve come to a conclusion that is both great and scary at the same time. These workouts aren’t as hard as I was expecting. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not maxing out on anything, hell, I still have to pause occasionally. The main difference is I can get through them without stopping every 5 minutes for a near death experience. So what did I learn you ask? When we did the P90x in 2009, I must have been in the worst shape of my life. I can remember wanting to die, back tightening up, couldn’t move, and felt like puking 15 minutes. Scary to think I would let myself get that way.

Mixing in a ball, be it medicine or the stability ball, is bullshit. I can’t do a push up using a ball as support, not happening. Maybe in a few weeks.

Lunch break over. I’ll finish later today.


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