Yoga… for fans of death.


Ok… maybe I’m exaggerating a bit here.

I will say that the Yoga should actually be renamed to “try and blow out your hamstrings for an hour”.   Like the other workouts in this series, this was a bit shorter and seemed to be easier than the previous version.

However, there are no excuses for any of these assholes to be doing the splits, or putting themselves in pretzel form.  Get real.   If you can do the splits, then you don’t need to do this shit.   If you can make yourself into a pretzel, then you should be teaching the class, not taking it.

Reverse half moon or whatever it is called  is horrible and stupid.


6 Responses to “Yoga… for fans of death.”

  1. Krista Says:

    This is my favorite workout by far. Only because I love yoga. You boys all need the stretching so suck it up! Pretty soon you’ll be gumby just like all of ’em on p90x2.

    • Brian D. Says:

      This is the worst workout by far. Only because I hate yoga. You’re right, I need the stretching more than everyone, I’m sure. I feel so much better after it, but during it, I feel like a complete idiot. The thing about this video is they don’t really show you an easier way for most the movements, at least not modifications for the super inflexible.

      Oh, and the reverse half moon can go F it’s self.

  2. Muffin Top Nuber Says:

    If you listen carefully, Tony says that the guy on the left of the screen teaches the class he attends. Just saying.

    • Vince Says:

      What are you saying, exactly?

      • Jeff Says:

        I don’t know. The guy not only is taking it, as you prefer he doesn’t, he does in fact teach it. Whatever. I haven’t eat a decent meal in 8 days, give me a break.

    • Vince Says:

      Well… I think in this video… everyone on the screen is a teacher. I’m saying that if you can pull of the pretzel shit they are trying to make you do, then you probably don’t need them to teach you.

      Way to ruin it…

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