Not a bad little lunch for today. It’s some chicken thighs and a salad. Surprisingly enough, salsa makes a half-decent salad dressing.

Think I am going to try for the “Primal” diet, which is pretty much what Jeff is going to do, though it’s much more awesome to say. I am still going to try and keep my calorie intake below 2400/day.

Anyone have some recipe suggestions?


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8 Responses to “Lunch”

  1. Asian Says:

    I have lots of recipes but you don’t know how to cook. You should drop that down to 1800 calories per day, minimize carbs, minimize all sugars except natural sugars from fruits, make sure to eat 1 gram of protein per body weight and at least 100oz of water per day. You’re already doing the hard work in the P90X2 but diet is 80% of losing weight. Download an app called my fitness pal on the iPhone it helps teach all the food you eat when in doubt you can use the app to scan the bar codes of what you’re eating. If you really want a strict meal plan that will help speed up your metabolism I’ll help write you one, good foods and until then add alittle cayenne powder to your meats that you cook as it helps speed metabolism. Last Saturday on new years eve I was 206, this morning 195.8.

    • Vince Says:

      Funny… Brian is easily the best cook I know. But yeah… I agree with you on the 1800 calorie thing.

      • Asian Says:

        I was talking about you cooking, not Brian.

        • Brian D. Says:

          Whew, I was real close to challenging you to a cooking duel with one hand literally tied behind my back. That would be an interesting contest though. Please leave links to recipes so everyone can have access to them. Thanks.

  2. Asian Says:

    I have no doubt you can cook Mr. Restaurant owner, I was talking about the Cardozas haha

    • Vince Says:

      John, its obvious to everyone by your size that you can cook. We are here to talk shit about being fat, which I believe that I have just accomplished.

  3. Vince Says:

    Did you get a hold of the recipe thing that comes with the P90X2? There is some decent stuff in there.

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