Day 1: X2 Core


First of all.  F U, Tony Horton.

How is one supposed to accomplish 1 legged push-ups on a stability ball on DAY 1 of this stupid thing?  For that matter… almost anything involving a ball completely sucked.    The term “stability ball” is an oxy-moron.  There is nothing stable about it.  You just feel like an idiot using it.  They should call it an “idiot ball”.

The good news is that P90X2 appears to be a bit more tolerable than its predecessor.   The workout was shorter and didn’t add the dreaded Ab Ripper on the end of it.  All and all I felt pretty good the next day.  A little sore in the core area, but that’s the point, right?

I realize i’m a day or 2 late in my first posting, but we had a few stragglers to wrangle in.  I’ll post the pics and starting measurements tonight.

Let the games begin!


One Response to “Day 1: X2 Core”

  1. Kim Phillips Says:

    Glad you guys are back with this. Pure entertainment. I think Krista is in this to make you all feel foolish. Good luck.

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